At its heart, the show is just a story about someone who runs towards the stars to find answers. About life, death, history, and most importantly, about himself. 


New Episodes

When the world sometimes feels like it is spinning faster and faster, you can always be sure to see the newest episodes here, updated every month on the last Friday. If the schedule changes, this place will be the first to take note of that. Otherwise, you can still follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter down below.

6: Ghosts Walk Here – Evan leaves Rome

Evan walks through a burning city. Additional voice by Theresa Koehnsen, music and sounds used from Creative Common Sources. Additional sounds...

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5: The Chasm Yawned – Evan meets Caesar

Evan continues his travels through the Ancient Rome, meeting Caesar along the way. Additional voice by Theresa Koehnsen, music and sounds...

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4: Perish whoever else shall leap over my walls!

The last King of Rome remembers a time before he was banished from the city. Additional voice by Theresa Koehnsen, music...

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