Max Stottrop

Writer and Producer

Host and executive producer, Max Stottrop, never thought that he would end up mixing and recording audio. But here we are. First and foremost a student, studying for a teaching degree in English and History at the University of Bonn, Germany, Max also writes poetry and short plays. But his passion has always been listening to music and podcasts. This eventually set his mind on trying his hands on the field of audio experiments and strange ventures into fiction podcasts himself

Theresa Koehnsen

Voice Acting

Lending her talents as a voice actress and overall consultant to the show, Theresa joined the podcast early on. She just finished her M.A in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Cologne, having previously received a B.A from the University of Passau. Aside from doing voice acting, Theresa also co-founded and contributes to the German media publication Populärkollektiv.

About The Podcast

At its heart, the show is just a story about someone who runs towards the stars to find answers. About life, death, history, and most importantly, about himself. 

The podcast will feature monthly updates and will span stories that run through the depths of unknown space and time. And remember, even if we sometimes get lost, we will always find or fight our way back to well-known shores. 

Check the playlist below for the music featured in the show.

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